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aglaia gehri

massage. ayurvedic recognized by health insurance companies.

individually. quiet. careful

a massage means that the structures of the body are touched, treated, relaxed, supplied with blood, relaxed and stretched.  

over the past 27 years i have developed my very own personal massage style. i don't have a standard program, but it is important to me that every client receives a very individual, suitable, unique treatment.  

in the preliminary discussion we find out together where the focus is. the subsequent massage time passes silently .  

my treatment couch is wide and warm, there is a lavender and linseed pillow on your eyes, your feet are covered with warm towels, it smells of pine wood, rosemary, lavender or whatever, suddenly there are hot stones in your hands..... feel feel safe and secure at all times, let go.

I look forward to giving you a unique massage in the time you take. 

Spaß am Pool


ayurveda - the science of a long, healthy life.

ayurveda - a world full of euphonious sanskrit names.

ayurveda - a sea of spices, herbs, oils, fragrances.  

ayurveda - no diet, no plan, no lists. no prohibitions.

Ayurveda coaching means that I take you by the hand and help you to get off the hamster wheel, to adjust your everyday life in the smallest steps so that you feel in your strength, that you sleep well, embrace every new day, that you have power after eating instead of a bloated stomach and just feel healthy and happy.  

i look forward to accompanying you on your way to a healthy, long life.  


life - art - package
  unique. creative. recovered. 



art of living

art of life

eventually something happened...but you've already talked about it enough. "let go" is such a simple word and your mind, your intellect have understood what that means, but in your heart it just feels different. you finally want to sense and feel what you have known for a long time - but neither talk about it nor analyze it.  

you want to be free...

don't eat for emotional reasons...

take good care of yourself...

feel your power...

be happy...

this offer is unique and a combination of:


ayurveda coaching, meditation, ritual work and massage

anja löwe (yoga teacher, graphic artist and lettering artist) and i will accompany you through this process. the second appointment takes place with her in bauma, the others with me.  


your intention runs like a red thread through the process, which lasts 4 to 6 months and includes 4 appointments. at the beginning you will get a little surprise to take with you and at the end i will give you the intention you painted in a small picture frame as a present. the circle is closed.  

this offer in no way replaces psychotherapy and is certainly not a solution for severe trauma.  


every medal has two sides

my personal life motto

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